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General Overview

This is the last stop in the editing process and focuses on double-checking everything. This will be a two-pass read of the manuscript that includes a read of a printed copy and a read on-screen. 

Typically, a proofread will include an editorial letter that will run one to three pages, noting any discrepancies and findings and comments made inside your manuscript in Track Changes. 

The Nitty Gritty Details

The proofreading phase includes:

  •  Misspelled words
  •  Incorrect words
  • Grammar errors
  • Missing punctuation
  • Typos
  • Incorrect facts
  • Continuity/plot flaws
  • Other issues that could spoil a reader’s enjoyment

More details:

I will also look to spot content errors and typographical mistakes. 

Does not include:

  • Big-picture issues such as plot, characterization, or pacing
  • Content editing details 
  • Copy editing
  • Formatting

Details of a Proofread


Includes two passes (two full read-throughs) 


2-4 weeks, depending on the project length and the current editorial schedule. 


Pricing starts at $0.006/per word. 

  • Please note that an editorial professional must have copyedited the manuscript before I start proofreading. Proofreading does not replace a copyedit.
  • Each manuscript will receive a free sample edit with a personalized bid for service. The sample edit will include the first five pages. 
  • Please note that pricing is only an estimate. Projects are quoted based on the writing sample. Please request a free sample edit and quote to get started.

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