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Manuscript Critique, Editorial Assessment, or Beta Read

General Overview

Beta Read, Manuscript Critique, or Editorial Assessment:

This is a big picture assessment of your book with notes only provided in a letter form. This will be a one-pass read of the manuscript with no in-document notes made. 

Typically, a critique letter will run two to four pages in length. 

The Nitty Gritty Details

Evaluation of craft items such as:

Manuscript readability:

  • How quickly I read your book?
  • Did it drag in any area?
  • How much I enjoyed it?
  • What did I enjoy? What did I not enjoy?

 Reader’s opinion:

  • Did I enjoy the plot? Was it realistic? 
  • Would this meet a reader’s genre expectation? 
  • Did I connect with your characters? Why and why not? 
  • Did I connect with your writing style?
  • Would readers want to buy this book? Why and why not?

 Positives and negatives:

What did I love about your book? Or disliked?

  • What are the book’s strengths? Weaknesses?

More details on:

Editorial evaluation:

  • As an editor, what do I think your manuscript needs in the way of further editorial services?

 Craft elements briefly covered include:

  • Hook/opening
  • Character development with a brief look at GMC (goals, motivation, conflict)
  • Plot and subplot 
  • Pacing and momentum
  • Setting and world-building elements.

You may ask me a set of questions that you would like me to focus on in addition to the above craft elements. 

Does not include:

  • Big-picture issues such as plot, characterization, or pacing
  • In-depth and focused assessment

  • Grammar and punctuation

  • Possible solutions

  • Copy editing

  • Formatting

Details of Manuscript Critique


One pass (one full read your manuscript)


1-2 weeks dependent on the length of the project and the current schedule.


Pricing starts at 10,000 words for $25.

  • Projects are quoted based on writing samples.
  • Please request a quote to get started. 

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