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Developmental Edit, Content Edit, or Structural Edit

General Overview

A developmental edit, also called a content edit or a structure edit, is a focused assessment of your book paying attention to key craft elements such plot, pacing, characterization, and more.

The edit will be a two-pass read of the manuscript (two full reads of your manuscript) that includes an editorial letter and comments marked in track changes in your manuscript. I will read and assess your book as an editor with thorough and in-depth feedback.

Typically, a developmental edit will include an editorial letter that will run three to ten pages in length and comments made inside your manuscript in Track Changes.

The Nitty Gritty Details

Evaluation of craft items such as:

  • Novel structure (opening, middle, ending)
  • Character development including an in-depth look into internal, external, and romantic (if applicable) GMC (goals, motivation, conflict)
  • Assessment of secondary characters, walk-on characters, etc.
  • Plot and subplots (plot holes, untied threads)
  • Pacing and momentum
  • Tone, voice, and word choice, including crutch words, overused words, etc.
  • Dialogue
  • Setting and worldbuilding
  • Scene breakdown, including staging

More details on:

  • Reader expectation 
  • Marketability – would it be a good fit for the current publishing market?
  • Potential problems and possible solutions
  • Specialized examination of genre elements
  • Any issues that you would like me to also focus on

Does not include:

  • Grammar and punctuation (generalized notes made)
  • Line edits
  • Formatting

Details of a Developmental Edit


Includes two passes (two full read-throughs)


2-4 weeks, depending on the project length and the current editorial schedule.


Pricing starts at $0.015/per word.

Each manuscript will receive a free sample edit with a personalized bid for service. The sample edit will include the first five pages. 

Please note that pricing is only an estimate. Projects are quoted based on the writing sample. Please request a free sample edit and quote to get started.

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